Jiarui Li Presented Innatrix in IndieBio Demo Day

New York City, NY, June 29 th , 2022 – Innatrix CEO Jiarui Li, PhD, PMP, EMBA
presented Innatrix on the IndieBio NY Class 4 Demo Day, at Gramercy Theatre in New
York City on June 29. Here is the final pitch: (6) Innatrix Spring 2022 IBNY Demo Day | SOSV –
YouTube. Eight other wonderful biotech founders from around the globe presented their
companies as well: Marcos Valadares, Joaquín Fisch, Christian Murphy, Denali Dahl,
Leandro Ciappina, Benjamin Ng, BAYAN A. ALTURKESTANI, Kris Vulgan.
Thank you very much  IndieBio  NY team, Stephen Chambers, Sabriya Stukes,
PhD, Lindsay Atkeson, Madeline Behr, Alexander Hall-Daniels, Xavier Lopez, for the
great instructions, help and support, and connecting us with world class industry
leaders, mentors, executive coaches, investors, and more.
Thank you SOSV investment and trust for our biological solutions. Thank you GK
Training Founder & CEO Michael Hoeppner, Toastmasters International Talking
Together Toastmaster club, Rhys Votano and Roberta Belfiore for the communication
and pitch deck improvement!

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