Dr. Ted Kahn Joins Innatrix as VP R&D

Durham, NC, Aug 8 th , 2022 -Innatrix, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology companydeveloping eco-friendly biological products to control critical crop diseases, announcedthe appointment of Ted Kahn, Ph.D., as Vice President Research & Development.For more than 20 years, Ted Kahn has worked at small, medium-sized, and largeagricultural biotechnology companies, where he has contributed scientifically to manysteps in […]

Jiarui Li Presented Innatrix in IndieBio Demo Day

New York City, NY, June 29 th , 2022 – Innatrix CEO Jiarui Li, PhD, PMP, EMBApresented Innatrix on the IndieBio NY Class 4 Demo Day, at Gramercy Theatre in NewYork City on June 29. Here is the final pitch: (6) Innatrix Spring 2022 IBNY Demo Day | SOSV –YouTube. Eight other wonderful biotech founders […]

Innatrix Team Applied Biological Products to the Nematode Infested Fields

Columbia, NC, June 22 nd , 2022 – Innatrix Yesterday Intracoastal Ag LLCand Innatrix teams applied innovative nematode products to the ground with highpressure nematodes-Soybean Cyst Nematode ($1.5B issue) and Root Knot Nematode.Look forward to checking how our products provide control for these most importantdisease issues for soybean during the growing season, and the yield benefits!

Innatrix Team Started Field Trials in Eastern North Carolina

Columbia, NC, May 18 th , 2022 -Innatrix team first field day in 2022: we collected 100 soilsamples today from a 5-acre farm field in eastern NC, for nematode population check. We are veryexcited to test our RNAi products for devastating nematode control this year!!Welcome on board, Ava Cohen and Liwei Sun to help Innatrix projects.Thank you very […]