Dawn Trembath – Bioengineer.


Dawn Trembath received an MS in Macromolecular Science & Engineering from the University of Michigan. She has experience working on biomedical devices and software development in both industry and university settings.

Materials engineering projects include the Utah artificial arm, protein adsorption studies for biomedical devices, and the design of fuel targets for inertial fusion research in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Software engineering projects include the automation of integrated circuit design using Monte Carlo algorithms, and cognitive science modelling using system dynamics, agent-based models, and neural networks.

Her interest in science & technology policy led to entrepreneurship-based research projects for the NC Board of Science & Technology, a UNC-NCSU NSF supported Industry-University Cooperative Research Center consortium, and subsequent membership on the Durham Small Business Advisory Committee. Outreach activities include cofounding the Durham Community Lab, which is also home to Triangle DIY Biology.

Currently she develops liquid handling and sensing systems for the automation of plant, insect, and bacterial culturing systems, including CO2 monitoring of plant growth; a piezoelectric misting system for aeroponic space botany; and the Innatrix EvoStat.


Innatrix Inc.
104 T.W. Alexander Drive
Building 20, Suite 2020
Research Triangle Park,
North Carolina


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