Innatrix is a small, four-year-old start-up biotech company focusing on continuous laboratory evolution technology. We are developing technology for the production of high-affinity, high specificity protein ligands to protein targets of interest. Our area of applied focus are the agricultural and pharmaceutical sectors.


In 2011 Dr. Liu and colleagues at Harvard invented a technology called PACE (phage-assisted continuous evolution) to apply many cycles of directed evolution to the production of high affinity protein based ligands to targets of interest. That technology was later (2016) used to combat insect resistance in plants by directed continuous evolution of bacillus turingiensis toxins. This technology is now time-limited-licensed exclusively to Monsanto for agricultural use. This inspired us to invent our own continuous evolution system. We have invented a selection system (patent pending) that does not infringe on the Harvard patent.


Innatrix has also invented a proprietary apparatus named the EvoStat™. It is an automated platform for protein engineering via continuous laboratory evolution or other approaches such as phage display or SIP-phage display. The EvoStat™ provides advanced control, reporting, recording, simulation, and remote access. Infra-red and image processing-based monitoring provides control of temperature, mixing, turbidity, medium supply, culture volumes and flow rates. All EvoStat™ measurements are logged during experimental runs and are available for plotting and analysis. Specific plots such as temperature, culture volumes, and flow rates are directly available through its browser interface.

Innatrix Inc.
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Marshall Edgell