John Ryals, Ph.D

Business Advisor Founded Metabolon, Paradigm Genetics and all successfully exited

Dr. Ryals co-founded Metabolon in 2002 and served as President, Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Metabolon, Dr. Ryals was a co-founder, CEO and President of Paradigm Genetics, Inc. which he led to a successful IPO.  Prior to Paradigm Genetics, Dr. Ryals came to the Research Triangle Park in 1985 to join the Ciba Geigy Agricultural Biotechnology Unit, now Syngenta. Dr. Ryals worked at various research and management positions at Ciba and later Novartis, leading agricultural biotechnology efforts of the company from 1993 to 1997 when he departed to form Paradigm Genetics. Dr. Ryals received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology in 1982.