Luisa Cruz, Ph.D

Expert in Plant Pathology, Plant Pathogen Control, and Molecular Biology

Dr. Cruz has 15 years of academic and industrial research experience in molecular biology and plant pathology. She possesses a full range of techniques in molecular biology including DNA/RNA extraction, cloning, PCR, LAMP, Real Time PCR, and RT-PCR, as well as broad base knowledge in various plant pathogens and biocontrol agents. Dr. Cruz is currently serving as a Research Scientist at Tropical Research and Education Center, at the University of Florida, leveraging molecular techniques to control invasive plant pathogens and arthropods. She received a B.S. degree from National University of Colombia, an M.S. degree from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. degree from Auburn University. During the course of her study and research, she produced two issued patents and 20 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Cruz is leading the development of Innatrix proprietary peptide platform and crop disease essay system, and biological products development.